SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) SUPW 2013-14

The main aim of the education is to make student “Versatile” or “multitalented”. To develop patriotic feeling and doing something for society that is the expectation of social work. Not only the textual syllabus is sufficient for this programme but also find out “potential” of the students. For this purpose other programmes are necessary.


  • To give the spirit to student to do something for society and nation.
  • To inspire the students to take the responsibility.
  • To motivate the student to show their quality and aesthetic quality.
  • To realize the student potential.
  • To increase the confidence of students and sense of security.
  • To know the importance of group work, co-operation.
  • To help the needy, self-realisation, self-important, selflessness.


Frame work:

Developing the importance of social work/service College arrange the camp. In this camp student participate in the various programmes. They have to perform and be active in these programmes, to develop themselves. College has been arranged following programmes/activities:

Book Binding Diary and Interior
Decoration Embroidery works
the programme of cleanliness campaign Blood donate campaign.
AIDS awareness campaign Distribution of grains
Distribution of cloths Programme of tree plantation.
Programme to visit orphanage Programme  to visit civil hospital
Programme of  visit remote villages