Grievance Redress Cell

It is natural that grievances occur in social behaviour. To suppress them makes one unhealthy and weaker. Grievance Redressal Cell is functioning in the college to settle such grievances. It does justice in three tiers.

For students

Tier I: Class teacher
Tier II: Students’ Advisor
Tier III: Staff Council consisting of the Principal (Convenor),
Students’ Advisor/Senior Staff member and the concerned
Class teacher.

For Staff

Tier I: Staff Secretary/ Superintendent
Tier II: Principal
Tier III: Management Council consisting of the Manager (Convenor), Principal and Staff Secretary/Suptdt.

Any matter of complaint or act of indiscipline shall be submitted to the concerned class teacher. If the complainant is denied justice, he/she shall approach tier II. If justice is denied there, the third tier can be approached. Similarly, if there is any grievance that needs justice for teaching and non-teaching staff, it shall be reported to Staff Secretary by the faculty or to the Office Superintendent by the Administrative staff.