Managers Message

mgrToday we can say that education is a “relationship”. The teacher by his friendly ways influences the students on the learning and teaching process as well as in character formation. It is normal for youngsters to give vent to their pent up energy in little pranks which can go sometimes beyond the limits. They need to be channelized in creative ways. This requires preplanning and foresight. The repressive system advocates the principle “spare the rod and spoil the child”. Today it needs to be replaced with the more proactive system called the preventive system. This system seeks to replace evil with good; destructive behaviour with constructive behaviour.

The educational system today poses a number of challenges before the teachers. No teacher can survive in this dynamic profession, without equipping himself with a variety of skills and qualities that improves his knowledge, ability and quality. The concept of creative learning is a vital part of modern educational system. Allowing new ideas and innovative thinking requires a more dynamic learning process. Therefore it is essential that the students be allowed to learn newer vistas of learning. The teacher is not a mere guide in the most conventional system. He is much more than a regular counsellor, a value developer and a torch bearer of change.

St. Thomas College of Teacher Education, Mylacompu has created a niche of its own by virtue of its infrastructure and campus, versatile faculties as well as quality output. It is an endeavour of St. Thomas College of Teacher Education to provide dynamic learning process to train, equip and mould the teacher trainees to cater to the expectations of the modern society. It aims to create an enduring model for advanced education by equipping a group of socially committed, aesthetically refined, emotionally stable, physically fit, intellectually capable, morally upright, religiously pious, spiritually enlightened and vocationally self-sufficient citizens. I am sure these teachers will become role models to the future citizens of the country.
Msgr. George Oliappuram

Local Manager’s Message

lmgrTeacher’s extraordinarily invaluable role in the formative years of child’s development can never be understated. The influence can and will stretch on long after the final bell rings beyond the walls of the actual school. In today’s era of information technology where knowledge of the world is a button away, the teacher’s role has changed away from a purveyor to a facilitator and has become multifaceted and challenging. No teacher can survive in this dynamic profession without equipping himself with a variety of skills and qualities to enhance his knowledge and competency.

Today, relevant motivation needs to be offered in order that teachers look at teaching as a vocation and a profession rather than a job. They must have enthusiasm in what they do and teach. This enthusiasm must be transferred to the children in the teaching and learning process. Every teacher must know that he shapes the future of the children he comes in contact with during his teaching career. Hence he needs to look upon each student as his own child and care for his welfare.

It is the endeavour at St. Thomas College of Teacher Education, Mylacompu to unearth the potential by providing the teacher trainees innovative ICT resources and environment to facilitate learning and holistic development to make them globally competent to answer the challenges. It strives upon the enhancement of quality of teacher education. The entire crew of the college by being a blend of experience and intellect is committed to bring a positive social change and caters to the diverse needs of the students.

Dr. Francis Alappatt
Local Manager