Principals Message

pricipalSt. Thomas College of Teacher Education, Mylacompu is one of the premier institutions of teacher education in Kerala. The college has a magnificent building, spacious compound, well-equipped laboratories and a rich library. The faculty of the institute are the pillars of the institution. The college has a professionally committed faculty which work tirelessly to take this institution to its pinnacle of glory. It has covered many milestones of success and has a reputation of providing motivated and exemplary teachers to the society.

In this age of fast changing technology, values have been left far behind and we are left groping in the dark. A teacher, in such a situation has to become a role model and a torch bearer for the children. Our college emphasizes on value based education and upholds traditions. It aims at harmonious development of the personality of the students and provides a conducive environment for learning. It strives to contribute towards developing tomorrow’s successful teachers equipped with the values of collaboration, compassion and commitment.

St. Thomas College of Teacher Education, Mylacompu also strives to reach out the local people and many organizations not only for experimenting the classroom learning but also for positively contributing to empower the society. The management, faculty and students are actively involved in the activities of the society for the empowerment of the people as part of their extension or community reach out programmes. We prepare the teacher trainees to follow their dreams with their youthful vigour, spirit of enquiry and a deep commitment to nation building.

Dr. Christina Augustine S H